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So, here we are once again, slap bang in the middle of another festive season! This year, more so than ever, I truly hope that all of us have managed to find a little peace and joy in amongst the swirling maelstrom of utter chaos that we’re all trying our utmost best to negotiate. For those of you seeking a further Christmas fix, you can find one of my seasonal drabbles YULE DIG IT! in the Black Hare Press online publication Dark Moments, and a second piece, CHRIST! MASS! in the Trembling With Fear Christmas special published on The Horror Tree website. Finally, I have performed a reading of my story OLD HAUNTS, now available for your listening pleasure. You can find it by clicking on the RECORDINGS heading up above this post, so now you lucky little so and so’s can enjoy my vaguely sinister and psychotic sounding vowels and consonants beamed directly into your brain through the wonders of modern technology!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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