• steven holding


Scratched and etched upon the wall of the cell: graffiti from a thousand different souls, countless confessions, stories, obscenities, markers, sigils. With nothing but time upon your hands, your bloodshot eyes scan the lines, as slowly you finally understand the poetry of captivity. Day after day, long into the night, you commit the rhymes and rhythms of lunatic minds to memory. Until only three remain…

BLACKOUT by Steven Holding.

Demons drove her to drink. When she awoke, she’d no idea what they’d done.

MAINTAIN THE PEEP by Steven Holding.

He’s a creep. She’s asleep. He sneaks a peek then decides to keep her.

USE YOUR LOAF by Steven Holding.

He came at me with a bread knife. Took it off him. Cut him a slice. Ended up with his wife. Mother's pride. Which was very, very nice.


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