Steven Holding lives with his family in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. His stories have been published by TREMBLING WITH FEAR, FRIDAY FLASH FICTION, THEATRE CLOUD, AD HOC FICTION and MASSACRE MAGAZINE.


He has been short listed in several writing competitions including FLASH 500, THE HENSHAW PRIZE, EXETER FLASH FICTION, WRITESTARS, TSS PUBLISHING and others. His short story UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD was the winning entry in the WRITING MAGAZINE 2016 OPEN SHORT STORY COMPETITION. In 2017 one of his monologues was selected to be performed at Northampton’s Royal Theatre, while his adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND was performed at Northampton’s Derngate Theatre by the Open Stage Performing Arts Company.


Most recently, his story THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH received first place in the INKTEARS 2018 FLASH FICTION COMPETITION, while another of his pieces WALK WITH ME THROUGH THE LONG GRASS AND I SHALL HOLD YOUR HAND was runner up in the annual WRITING MAGAZINE 500 WORD SHORT STORY COMPETITION.


He is currently working upon further short fiction and a novel.



Do you remember this one? Of course you do.

I first heard it way, way back. A foggy mid-week nightclub; all the drunk kids throwing epileptic shapes, caught in the random snapshot of a flickering strobe, cigarette end trails tracing a figure of eight, because back then it was still real cool to smoke.

Man, that killer combo. Bass, drums, guitar and voice.



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